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North Star Tree Care combines expertise with safe practices to provide the best tree care services for property owners throughout central Minnesota. With a decade of experience and a full line of state-of-the-art and specialty equipment, North Star Tree Care has everything it takes to remove diseased or unwanted trees, keep trees properly pruned, manage overall tree care, and make trees healthy.



North Star Tree Care provides full-service tree, plant and shrub care.



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Who is North Star Tree Care?

North Star Tree Care is a fully licensed Minnesota company with deep roots in the tree care industry. Our tree specialists are trained in electrical hazard awareness (EHAP professionals), technical safety (which ensures that they know how and where to climb trees during pruning or removal), as well as diseased tree management and general plant health and care.

Tree care from North Star is dependably safe, efficient, and complete. For homeowners, property managers, developers, or municipalities, North Star Tree Care offers one-time services or annual maintenance plans that encompass all levels of tree and plant/shrub care.

With North Star Tree Care you can enjoy these benefits, along with beautiful trees.

  • Proper disposal of diseased trees or limbs.
  • Seasonal and/or dormant pruning services that keep trees and shrubs 
    in good health.
  • Smart work practices that protect lawns and other growing plants from damage during tree removal/trimming.
  • Stump removal that eliminates the possibility of disease, pests, fungus.
  • Safety in all aspects of tree, shrub or plant care – including contacting utility companies to mark hazardous underground lines.

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Emerald Ash Borer Control Expert

For more information about the
Emerald Ash Borer, go to:

Nathan Gruber
John Boeder

Are your trees in trouble?

North Star Tree Care has become an industry leader in the control of the emerald ash borer epidemic currently sweeping across Minnesota. With their knowledgeable staff of certified arborists, North Star has emerged as a respected authority on this invasive insect, which has killed tens of millions of ash trees in urban, rural and forested settings. Utilizing a variety of insecticide options, North Star has the knowledge, experience and resources available to effectively controlling EAB.

Our Emerald Ash Borer control methods include:

  • Systemic insecticides applied as soil injections
  • Systemic insecticides applied as trunk injections
  • Systemic insecticides applied as lower trunk sprays
  • Protective cover sprays applied to trunk, main branches and foliage

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